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Now is the time for Holiday Cheer, and Decorating

christmas_cook_famNow is the time of year for Holiday cheer, and for Holiday Decorating.

Since we Design holiday themed decorations and Christmas trees for many clients, keeping the holidays fun at home is always a challenge.

My own Trees usually are the last to get my attention, and even though I may be on Holiday overload, I still manage to take the time to complete our own designs, and to sit back and enjoy the beauty of it all! With the Holidays approaching, many of us start to look around our environments, and get the itch to make home improvements.


christmas_cook_fireplaceIt is the season for guests. Some relatives will be spending more than one day, and of course there’s the usual onslaught of party guests and loved ones for short visits that fill our homes with laughter and good will.

There are several theories as to why we seem to pay more attention to interior design during this season, but the biggest reason is of course, the Holidays!

Another reason is that in colder months, we all tend to spend more time indoors, and being a captive audience in your own home tends to make us look around, and start to see the areas that are in need of improvement.

christmas_cook_stairsWe receive many calls for Interior Design Services throughout the season, most of which are for the proverbial “spruce up”. Areas that guests in your home frequent such as the Living Room, Dining Room, and Family Rooms are always areas of improvement.

Guest Bedrooms are also on the demand as well as Remodeling of Kitchens and Baths. In Orange County, there are more remodeling projects than new construction.

Remember to try to think ahead, and take mercy on your designer, as we all wish we had more time, and that our clients would call us just a little sooner for those important deadlines.

Not that we don’t thrive on a good challenge, we want to make sure that any project you take on, will be completed with your greatest expectations met!

Frank Pitman

While growing up a native of California, I spent many hours drawing and painting California landmarks, winning local awards for my work. Drawing from my appreciation of fine interior design and architecture, and pulling from my vast references, it’s my passion to create environments that are unique to each individual clients’ personalities and dreams for their homes and offices.